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TwinGlazeeco Replacement Double Glazing Solution



Over recent years, energy costs have risen in Australia to unprecedented levels, leaving home and business owners to foot increased utility bills. To combat this issue, the new home building sector has devised an array of energy-saving products, regulatory rating systems and improved insulation solutions.Here at TwinGlaze, we noticed there was a gap in the market: a lack of cost effective and innovative retro-fit solutions for all existing residential improvements and renovations. For windows in particular, the energy insulation provided by the standard 3 mm glass in most homes is not sustainable anymore, resulting in inflated energy bills. Noise reduction is another serious challenge brought on by growing population levels and the increasingly urbanised environment that we call home these days.

TwinGlaze eco creates new possibilities for you to affordably retro-fit genuine double glazed replacement windows into your existing frames while still preserving the integrity, style and design of your household’s interiors and exteriors. This process is very economical compared to full window frame replacements.

Thanks to the talented team at TwinGlaze, installation is quick and easy, with the finished product providing you with all the incredible benefits of genuine double glazing, at a lower price.

  • Energy Efficiency – Reduce your energy bills
  • Save around 50% on heat loss and gain – Increase your comfort
  • Reduce noise issues by up to 70% – Peace and quiet in your home
  • 10 Year Warranty – Quality product for your peace of mind, feel more comfortable about what you’re buying.


TwinGlazeeco Installation Process

The installation process is very simple. Our consultants will conduct an initial review of your existing windows and doors, providing you with a list of suitable options from our range of double glazing solutions and recommending the most cost effective solution specific to your home. Of course, we offer this consultation for free.

At TwinGlaze, we strongly believe this review to be the most critical part of the retro-fit process. Since every home is different, all our energy efficient, replacement double glazing windows need to be customised accordingly and an in-depth inspection will assist us with this.

The installation will be carried out by our nationally accredited technicians. Striving to become a top quality Australian manufacturer, TwinGlaze carefully produces all windows in our modern factory ensuring all items satisfy our high quality standards before being ready for fitting. The process of replacing your old, inefficient glazing is quick, simple and neat. As the final step, our team will fully clean up and dispose of your old glazing as we finish off the installation process.


‘But’ You Ask, How Do We Fit The Double Glazed Glass Into Your Existing Frames?

We fit genuine double glazing into your existing windows simply by changing your glass. See how quick and easy the installation of TwinGlaze Eco Genuine Double Glazing is…


PLEASE NOTE: The only instance where TwinGlaze double glazing windows will not apply, is where your existing frames are rotten and in extremely poor structural condition. In such situations, a full replacement of your frames may be inevitable. In this case, our team of consultants will provide advice about alternative replacement window products suitable for your needs.

With TwinGlaze operating in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide, houses in a wide range of locales can benefit from TwinGlaze window installation. To find out more, call our customer service team on 1300 766 743 (Click to Call)

We will go over our unique energy efficient solutions, helping you save money on your utility bills. If you’re impressed by what we have to offer, take the first step by arranging an appointment with one of our qualified home inspectors today!

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