The benefits of genuine double glazing windows. Your home’s worth it.


Australian home and business owners wanting the numerous benefits of double glazed windows usually have two main choices: genuine double glazing that offers enhanced performance and secondary double glazed windows. Which then offers the best choice? Secondary glazing has a lot of appeal to many Australians thanks to it being the cheaper option. However, do you sacrifice quality and performance for price?

With genuine double glazing from TwinGlaze, we assure you that this is a better option. Our products are found to offer superior quality and, with the highest attention paid to performance, can be cheaper than most secondary glazing products.Why sacrifice on performance when you can get well-designed thermally-insulated windows at a great price?

Superior quality at a competitive price

Our genuine double glazing window difference lies in the performance-enhancing argon gas used to fill the gap between the two glass panes. Argon gas is reputed to offera 34% reduction in thermal conductivity when compared to the use of air (as used in secondary glazed windows). TwinGlaze offers value-added services that cover custom-designed and tailor-made double glazing window solutions that are suitable for existing frames and to individual specifications.

Performance designed to meet unique needs

We design our distinctive thermally-insulated windows to meet the challenges of individual locations. Whether you require toughened exterior glass, sound-reducing benefits or the best product to counteract the heat from a northerly sun, TwinGlaze offers you genuine double glazed windows that perform to individual requirements.

Benefits of genuine double glazed windows

The best way for homeowners to choose between genuine double glazing and secondary glazing is to take a look at the benefits of the former. Here is a quick sum up:

  • Stronger exterior glass pane provides more effective insulation
  • Improved outside glass pane, toughened glass is an option for enhanced security
  • Low maintenance
  • Argon gas-filled gaps offers high thermal insulation benefits

TwinGlaze offers home and business customers in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydneyan innovative product – retrofit double glazed windows that conform to existing window frames that are in a suitable condition. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can enhance your home and lifestyle.

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Forget the myths, double glazing is not just for keeping out the cold


Now that we are in spring, temperatures will be heating up as we get closer to summer. How do you manage sizzling temperatures? Do you, like most, put your climate control system on overtime duty and see energy costs burn a searing hole in your pocket at the end of the month? TwinGlaze offers a much cooler option – double glazed windows. Yes, that right. Double glazing windows and doors is not just to keep out the cold during winter, but is effective in keeping out stifling heat in hotter temperatures.

Let’s look at the facts:

Insulated barriers

The secret to double glazed windows offering advanced thermal insulation is in the space or gap between the two glass panes. This gap, in simple terms,provides an insulated barrier between the interiors of a home and hot temperatures on the outside.

Low u-Value windows

U-values is a form of measurement that looks at a window’s capability to conduct heat. The lower the value the window offers the less able it is to transfer heat from the outside in. While a standard window offers a u-Value of 5.88 double glazed windows measure a low 2.53.

Double glazing windows offers another highly sought after benefit: enhanced security. Now you can keep the heat and criminal elements out of your home. Genuine double glazing that features argon gas filled gaps offer a more robust exterior glass pane.

Ducted air conditioning systems, more often than not, offer poor home insulation at a heavy price. With an innovative product range of thermally-efficient windows and doors available from TwinGlaze you can drastically reduce your reliance on air conditioning systems to keep your home cool this summer. What is more is that our products are a lot kinder on the environment too.Keep temperatures under control with our double glazed windows. We serve customers in Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide.

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Double Glazing: Form AND Function


Double glazing fitted to home in Glen Waverly, Melbourne.

Double Glazing: You Don’t Have To Choose Between Performance and Beauty

How does that work with double glazing? In many areas of life, we have to choose between how well something works, and how good it looks. If we’re really lucky, we can find an option that does both.

Different double glazing framing solutions provide different levels of performance. The poorest thermal and acoustic insulation performance would come from unbroken aluminium frames. These allow some  noise and heat to transfer through the frame, even though the glass is double glazed. The best performing frames are timber, thermally-broken aluminium, and uPVC.

Of the three frame materials, uPVC is probably the winner when you evaluate durability, performance and price. Yet, to be honest, many uPVC frames have been a bit vanilla. That’s no longer true.

Here’s an example of beautiful woodgrain finish double glazing from Eco Home Solutions. We find it in a beautiful home extension in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverly. The Designer-Builder who has created this wonderful home, is Melbourne’s 3G Homes. They chose Eco Homes Solutions to provide high-performance double glazed windows and doors throughout the home. The visual result is stunning. Just take a couple of minutes to  watch the video…


The owners of the property won’t just have a beautiful home, they’ll have one that is warmer in winter, cooler in summer, is quieter, and will enjoy much reduced power bills. That’s FORM and FUNCTION in spades, in the one double-glazing package.
Check out more photos on our Facebook page, or visit the 3G Homes website.
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Fading, Discolouring, and uPVC Windows.

Will my new uPVC Windows fade & discolour in the sun?

The sun will not fade good quality, certified uPVC windows and doors.

It’s a question we get asked occasionally, and one we suspect is in the back of the mind of even more people. After all, we’ve all had one (or many) products that didn’t stand up to the harsh Australian sun, so it’s a very fair question.

It’s especially important, as the minimal maintenance needs of UPVC windows are high among the reasons more and more people are choosing them

Now, we have to admit that some poorer-quality products, and those that are not up to Standards, CAN fade and discolour over time. But that’s not the quality of the product we supply.

Happily, we can answer, “No, our uPVC windows and doors DON’T fade or discolour.”

We’re proud that all our window and door profiles meet the stringent Australian Standard for Windows- AS2047 . This Standard requires all complying windows to be able to handle the harsh Australian climatic conditions, which can include very high temperatures, freezing conditions, high winds and driving rains. All our windows and doors are also Certified under the Australian Window Energy Rating System (WERS).

Now, the uPVC industry has acted to set the bar even higher for quality. The uPVC Window Alliance (a program of the Australian Vinyl Council) has released an Australian Industry Code of Practice and Accreditation Scheme for uPVC windows and doors, aimed squarely at ensuring that uPVC windows and doors don’t fade or discolour. Read a full article here…

Eco Home Solutions warmly welcomes the introduction of the Code, and the Scheme, and will ensure that we incorporate complying uPVC profile in all our windows and doors.

As our Director, Manny Temelso says “The satisfaction and goodwill of our customers is paramount, so our aim is to meet or exceed all the Codes, Schemes, Standards and Best Practices that apply to our products.”

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