Savings & Benefits
Enjoy Lifelong Comfort & Savings All Year Round
Double Glazing delivers the highest return on investment through ongoing energy efficiency savings.
Homeowners insulate their ceilings and walls believing their homes to be fully insulated, yet all your Heating in Winter and Cooling in Summer continues to escape through your uninsulated single glazed windows and doors.
As the cost of energy continues to rise, so is the amount of money pouring out of your home !
Enjoy Life Long Energy Savings
TwinGlaze® transforms your un-insulated single glazed windows into fully insulated double glazed windows.
Double Glazing will protect your home against outside cold and heat to cut your energy bills and deliver life long comfort all year round.
Increasing Return on Investment
Double Glazing delivers an increasing annual return on investment as the cost of energy continues to rise year after year!
Making your home sustainable & energy efficient has the added benefit of improving the market value of your home.
Increased Home Security
TwinGlaze® Double Glazing includes an exterior pane of Laminated Security Glass similar to glass used in car windshields.
This helps to protect against outside intruders by remaining intact if struck by a high impact.
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Fully insulating your home with Double Glazing will reduce your demand on traditional and renewable energy sources.
You will significantly reduce your carbon footprint by substantially reducing your energy consumption in Summer & Winter.
Eliminate UV Radiation
TwinGlaze® includes a Polymer Interlayer and Low E Solar Glass to effectively eliminate 99% of UV Radiation from entering your home.
TwinGlaze® protects against harsh direct sunlight and UV radiation to preserve and prevent fading of your interior surfaces.
Reduce Outside Noise
Double Glazing you existing windows will help improve your issues with outside noise.
Our service includes a thermal and acoustic window seal upgrade to boost the total thermal and acoustic performance of your windows.
Enjoy Lifelong Comfort and Savings with TwinGlaze® Double Glazing
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