About TwinGlaze®
TwinGlaze® Double Glazing is manufactured at our glass processing facilities located in Victoria and the ACT to ensure 100% compliance with all Australian Standards.
VIC Office & Manufacturing
3 Beverage Drive  Tullamarine  VIC  3043
ACT Office & Manufacturing
33 Spongolite Street  Beard  ACT  2620
Enquires from homeowners seeking to double glaze their existing windows led TwinGlaze® to realise there was no smart and affordable double glazing solution other than a costly and aggressive full frame window replacement.
Having to throw out perfectly fine windows did not make environmental or financial sense
Research and Development commenced in 2015 to develop a system to allow any single glazed window to be transformed into a fully insulated double glazed window for homeowners to enjoy all the savings and benefits of Genuine Double Glazing without the hassle and expense of a full frame window replacement.
The following issues with single glazed windows were identified
Extensive heat loss in Winter
Significant heat gain in Summer
Increasing energy bills due to the lack of window insulation
Lack of thermal comfort in the home
High carbon footprint through very low energy efficiency
Minimal use of single glazed 'safety glass'
(Almost all single glazing is 'float glass' that breaks into sharp dangerous pieces if broken)
No soundproofing or acoustic performance
Issues with harsh direct sunlight and UV radiation
Compromised home security due to thin 3mm single glazing
The TwinGlaze® Double Glazing Solution for all Existing Windows
TwinGlaze® engineered a high performance double glazing profile to solve all the identified issues of single glazing through a combination of Laminated Security Glass, Thermal Argon Gas Gap and Low 'E' Toughened Safety Glass to deliver superior Thermal Performance, Energy Efficiency, Glass Safety and Security for your Home. 
Industry Best  U 1.40  Thermal Performance Rating
TwinGlaze® install the highest performance double glazing at industry best pricing direct from the manufacturer.
Download the TwinGlaze® Specification to compare TwinGlaze® to other double glazing.
Enjoy Lifelong Comfort and Savings with TwinGlaze® Double Glazing
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