TwinGlaze® U1.40 Double Glazing
Not all Double Glazing is the Same
TwinGlaze® install the highest performance double glazing at industry best pricing direct from the manufacturer.
Industry Best  U 1.40  Thermal Performance Rating
The combination of Laminated Security Glass, Thermal Argon Gap and Low 'E' Toughened Safety Glass delivers superior protection against outside Heat, Cold and Noise with added Security Benefits.
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6.38mm Laminated Security Glass
TwinGlaze® Double Glazing includes an exterior pane of Laminated Security Glass which is comprised of 2 sheets of 3mm glass fused together by a 0.38mm Polymer Interlayer.

Similar to glass used in car windshields, laminated glass stays intact if stuck by a hard impact to provide enhanced security against attempted break-ins, accidental injury and severe weather conditions. 

The Polymer Interlayer further enhances the acoustic performance of your double glazing while delivering the added benefit of 99% UV reduction to guard against fading of your furnishings and interior surfaces.
12mm Thermal Argon Gas Filled Gap
TwinGlaze® Double Glazing incorporates an optimum 12mm Thermal Argon Gas gap between the two panes of glass to achieve maximum energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Dense, crystal clear, non-toxic argon gas is infused in between the two panes of glass in the insulated glass unit (IGU) to significantly enhance double glazing performance when used in the place of common dehydrated air.

The Argon Air Cushion is hermetically sealed between the two glazing panes to enhance the life long thermal performance of your double glazing.
4mm Safety Glass with Low 'E'
TwinGlaze® includes an interior pane of 4mm Toughened Safety Glass with Low 'E' to further enhance the year round energy efficiency and performance of your double glazing.

Low 'E' is a transparent nano-metallic coating that is infused onto the interior pane of toughened safety glass to further enhance the performance of your double glazing in Summer & Winter.

Low 'E' reflects harsh direct sunlight and UV away from your home in Summer while reflecting your indoor generated heat back into your home in Winter to deliver life long savings on heating & cooling bills.
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